Judul: Glitchy World

Penulis: Ahmad Zayd al-Malik

ISBN: 978-623-254-279-2


Zayd doesn’t mean to wake up at 3 AM if it’s not for his little sister Talia. And, if they hadn’t woken up, maybe they wouldn’t have been thrown into some parallel universe. It’s the exact copy of their normal world! Except, everything is glitching, like in video games when the character we play becomes too pixelated that we can’t be sure if the game is broken or it’s just lagging. To make things worse, some weird, glitchy creature is trying to attack Zayd!

Along the way, Zayd encounters almost all of his classmates, who fall down the parallel world in their own ways. Alba mentions that they need to find the source of the crystal, which emits an aura of Unglitch that can destroy any glitch particles. She says it’s their only way out.

Join Zayd and his friends explore the uncharted glitchy world, with its mysterious chambers and trap doors. What will they do when one of their friends is being controlled by the glitch? Will they survive and go back home?

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